Ontime HK

Ontime HK is a buses and ferries timetable for Hong Kong. It currently features buses and ferries for the Discovery Bay community, as well as ferries routes to outlying islands.

Ontime HK allows you to check what's the next ferry and bus coming up rather than looking up the cryptic timetables.

The Ontime HK has been downloaded more than 13459 times on iTunes AppStore, as of November 18th.

The new Ontime HK buses and ferries iPhone app has been submitted and is currently going through Apple's AppStore review process.

You can install Ontime HK via this link on iTunes.

New ferry and bus routes for Park Island has been added to v1.2 on November 11th.

New version 1.3 is expected to be ready on November 25th. Stay tuned!

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